November – December 2017 First Service Worship Assistants

Following is the 8am worship assistant schedule for November – December 2017.  Please switch with someone if you can’t help on these days and let the church office know @ 679-1062. Thank you for all your time and talents.



November 2017

Nov 5th

Greeters: Kathy Anderson

Ushers: Galen & Mary Brelie

Lector: Galen Brelie


Acolytes: Ben Nordenstrom & Haley Nordenstrom

Communion Assistants: Jaci Boxrud

Nov 12th

Greeters: Ron Stark

Ushers: Dan & Sue Halsey

Lector: Sue Halsey


Acolytes: Ty graves & Owen Marohn

Nov 19th

Greeters: Barb O’Donovan

Ushers: Jim & Lynette Skolte

Lector: Jackie Peterson


Acolytes: Sam Udstuen & Nolan McGaw

Communion Assistants: Dale Hawkins

Nov 26th

Greeters: Beatta Hillman

Ushers: Pat Meyer & Pat Weiss- Meyer

Lector: Beatta Hillman


Acolytes: Ben Wright & Tayven Peterson

December 2017

Dec 3rd

Greeters: Paul & Jill Kent

Ushers: Greg & Jane Myers

Lector: Greg Myers


Acolytes: Sam Udstuen & Noah Klapmeier

Communion Assistants: Jill Kent

Dec 10th

Greeters: Kathy Hovland

Ushers: Ricke & Ruth Mattison

Lector: Kathy Hovland


Acolytes: Lauren Berry & Sophie Steffen

Dec 17th

Greeters: Randy & Kris Johnson

Ushers: Glen & Carol Allman

Lector: Roger Peterson


Acolytes: Noah Blegen & Ryan Hawkins

Dec 31st

Greeters: Eunice Weckwerth

Ushers: Gene Weckwerth & Arnie Barabash

Lector: Gene Weckwerth


Acolytes: Emmie Otto & Anna Kehr








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