November – December 2017 Second Service Worship Assistants

The following is the worship assistant schedule for November – December 2017. Please switch with someone if you can’t help on these days and let the church office know at 679-1062. Thank You so much for your time and talents.


November 2017

Nov 5th


Ushers: Art & Luette Kottke

Lector: Mary Olson


Acolytes: Emmie Otto & Kate Anderson

Communion Assistants: Robyn Wallace, Don & Mary Olson, Pam Hallauer

Nov 12th

Greeters: Steve, Beth Denzine & family

Ushers: Wayne & Jody Udstuen

Lector: Steve Denzine

Psalmist: Roya Brown

Acolytes: Katie Wicklund & Roya Brown

Nov 19th

Greeters: Joe & Julie Mulford & family

Ushers: Dave & Betsy VanBurkleo

Lector: Dave VanBurkleo

Psalmist: Jack Sampson

Acolytes: Jack Sampson & Max Sampson

Communion Assistants: Kristin & Kinzie Nelson, Joe & Julie Mulford, Diane Runquist

Nov 26th

Greeters: Sierra & Saul Thomson

Ushers: Jason & Jessica Thomson

Lector: Mary Schwartz

Psalmist: Sierra Thomson

Acolytes: Saul Thomson & Sierra Thomson

December 2017

Dec 3rd

Greeters: Curt & Cindy Danielson

Ushers: Barb & Kevin Herwig

Lector: Barb Herwig

Psalmist: TBA

Acolytes: Carson Falk & Zach Girard

Communion Assistants: Craig & Jodi Schultz, Ray & Diane Knutson, Gail Lange

Dec 10th

Greeters: David & Chloe Kottke

Ushers: Art & Luette Kottke

Lector: David Kottke

Psalmist: Chloe Kottke

Acolytes: Eva Holmgren & Molly Holmgren

Dec 17th

Greeters: Deb Funk

Ushers: Dan Funk & Gerald Funk

Lector: Matt Felger

Psalmist: Mikala Peterson

Acolytes: Sage Lukenbill & Mikala Peterson

Dec 31st

Greeters: Jeremy & Beth Schultz


Lector: Lucille Schultz


Acolytes: Kayla Jensen & Jens Jensen




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