Sowing Grace Quilters

The Sowing Grace Quilters meet every Thursday morning from 9 to noon.  During this time quilts are tied and bound.  Most are delivered to Lutheran World Relief to be distributed somewhere in the world where they are needed.

Much fabric is donated to the quilters, and some is purchased.  One member cuts the fabric into squares.  Others sew them into quilt tops.  Then they are ready to be tied on Thursday morning.

Some quilts are set aside to be given to Grace Lutheran members when they graduate from high school or are baptized.  Lap quilts are brought to those at the nursing homes.

The quilters also work on especially nice quilts to be raffled off at the Fall Harvest bazaar or to be donated to the World Hunger Campaign.  Sometimes a quilt is donated to other worthy causes like the Luther Point auction.

Anyone who is willing to tie a knot is welcome to join!  You don’t have to know how to sew.

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