Stewardship has been defined as “everything you do after you say, I believe.”  A steward is a manager of what has been placed in their hands.  The Stewardship Ministry of Grace Lutheran Church seeks to help members realize the gifts, privileges and responsibility that God has given to people.  Stewardship is seen as a joyful response to what God has done in the lives of people.

 As the grace and love of Jesus Christ touches our hearts and minds, we are called to use our “talents” as the Parable of the Talents story in Matthew 25 describes.  Stewardship then becomes a responsibility to use our actual talents, our time, and our treasure for the sake of Christ’s mission in all aspects of our life. 

There is a Consecration Sunday event in November that helps members respond to God’s call with Estimates of Giving.  Offering envelopes are mailed to members quarterly with added envelopes for a World Hunger Appeal opportunity.  In addition, “Grace into the Future” envelopes are provided in the packet to enable those who wish to make additional offerings to draw down the mortgage.  This reduction of the mortgage enables money to be freed up for other ministry activities in the church. 






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