Stephen Ministry/Touch of Grace

Grace Lutheran Church has a long history of caring for people in need.  Two ways that members are trained to reach out to members and non-members are through the Stephen Ministry and Touch of Grace programs.

Stephen Ministry provides opportunities for supportive and caring “ministers” to help individuals walk through difficult times in their lives.  These “ministers” have undergone an extensive training program in various areas of need. People in need or who know of someone in need can discuss with the pastors how Stephen Ministry can help them.

 The Touch of Grace ministry provides a touch of Grace Lutheran Church to come monthly to those who are not able to get out to church and other activities.  Touch of Grace “ministers” are assigned to one or two individuals or families and will meet with them over an unlimited time period. 

 Both programs bring caring and supportive members into the lives of people, offering a listening ear, interest in their life and prayer for their needs and concerns.  Both groups are also able to bring Holy Communion to people.

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