IMAGE Project Update

Each day, since mid January, the girls have been praying that God will provide food for them in this time of drought. He answered their prayers through the caring hearts at Grace. Because of the generosity from our congregation, the Lefse Fundraiser , with matching funds from WELCA and Thrivent, we were able to  not only feed the girls, but also pay the teachers for the month of March. God’s work is being done by our hands and hearts! Thank you to all those who helped put on the Lefse party and supported this mission. Like the ripples of a stone thrown into a still lake, this congregation is making more ripples in Tanzania than we could have imagined. Just this week, upon hearing of the success of student achievement and needs at Namnyaki, the Minister of Energy chose our school to visit. Armed with the knowledge that individual Americans and the Grace Lutheran Church, through the IMAGE Project, have been supporting the Maasai girls , he said it was time for the Tanzanian government to help the school move forward. He pledged new Science textbooks, and the building of a dining center. He also promised to contact embassies for more support.

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