World Hunger



The Sunday School children will be helping our congregation begin a new year for the ELCA World Hunger Appeal 2017.  Our focus is to help the Maasai girls at the Namnyaki Secondary School in Tanzania.  Protection is needed for the girls’ safety so they can complete their education without fear of being taken to be married off or sold by a male family member.  Protection measures are now in place with Maasai warriors and armed military guards.  A new perimeter fence is being planned.

HOW CAN YOU HELP?  The children will be sponsoring a World Hunger “PROTECTION” booth in the Family Life narthex during the month of January.  Your donations will provide goats for the Maasai warriors and help build a fence.  Be looking for the Chief Maasai Warrior Of Protection who stands with a shield, a spear and a bible at the children’s World Hunger booth!

Thank you for supporting our Sunday School children who want to help the girls receive their education in a safe and nurturing environment


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