Noisy Offering

Thank you so much for the generous “Noisy Offering” donation of $385.04 you made to Soup For The Soul, Inc. in December. We are now serving up to 100 guests a free home cooked meal each Monday. Soup For The Soul is so blessed to have the support of Grace!

Thanks again, The “Soup” crew

Adult Education Classes

Pastor Mike would like to teach an Adult Class on topics important to faith. He is taking votes for the best time to meet. Cast your ballot on his office desk.
 Disciple-Life Groups to begin at Grace!   Our Transition Leadership Team has tabulated the surveys that members of Grace returned.  There were about 150 surveys returned and in the “Gifts for Ministry” that you are looking for in a pastor “Help people develop their spiritual life” was in the top 5.  This tells me that people are interested in growing in their spiritual life.  So, how can we do that? Several paperback books entitled, “Power Surge” have been circulating through the congregation, this book describes the impact of discipleship in vital congregations.  Growth in discipleship is a product of the Holy Spirit working in our lives.  There are many ways to be intentional about growing in the Spirit and one of those ways is to commit to a small group of like-minded disciples who meet to encourage, support and challenge each other.  That is what Disciple-Life Groups are designed to do.
What is a Disciple-Life Group? A D-L Group is a small group (4-5) of disciples of Jesus who meet to encourage and support each other as they grow in discipleship.  The group meets regularly (weekly) to: share the joys and challenges they are facing in their lives as disciples of Jesus; discuss the scripture readings from that week; and to pray for the needs of all.  The goal of this mission is to strengthen individual disciples so that they can better share the love of Jesus with others, in and outside of church.  Another goal of disciples is to grow more disciples, so each small group is asked to help start other small groups.  This mission is Spirit led and is not part of the church administration or budget.  Ideally, there will be a person(s) who will keep the mission on track and be a resource for people as they begin their groups.
What do I do if I’m interested?  The most important thing to do before, during and after starting a D-L Group… be in constant prayer to discern God’s will for your path.  Talk with Pastor Mike if you have questions.  He has some resources that will help you get started. 

World Hunger



The Sunday School children will be helping our congregation begin a new year for the ELCA World Hunger Appeal 2017.  Our focus is to help the Maasai girls at the Namnyaki Secondary School in Tanzania.  Protection is needed for the girls’ safety so they can complete their education without fear of being taken to be married off or sold by a male family member.  Protection measures are now in place with Maasai warriors and armed military guards.  A new perimeter fence is being planned.

HOW CAN YOU HELP?  The children will be sponsoring a World Hunger “PROTECTION” booth in the Family Life narthex during the month of January.  Your donations will provide goats for the Maasai warriors and help build a fence.  Be looking for the Chief Maasai Warrior Of Protection who stands with a shield, a spear and a bible at the children’s World Hunger booth!

Thank you for supporting our Sunday School children who want to help the girls receive their education in a safe and nurturing environment