Bazaar Updates!!

apple pie

******APPLE PIES******

Pies are available to be purchased for $10.00 and taken home to be baked. The Grace Ladies made 50 apple pies!! MMmmmm………PIES!!

Stop by the office for pie 

Bazaar Donations Requested~ The Fall Harvest Bazaar Committee is seeking donated items to be sold on the Silent Auction at our Fall Bazaar on November 14.  Handmade items such as paintings, cross-stitch pictures, knitted items and wood crafted pieces are very welcome.  Antiques are also very popular.  We have also sold firewood that was cut, delivered and stacked.  Service items such as babysitting, yard-work, or food items (dinner or dessert-of-the-month) are also well received.  If you are willing to donate something for the Silent Auction, please contact Sheri Salmonson (679-4853) or Carol Allman (679-3380).  In order for these items to be displayed and bid on, please have your items or a picture of them at the church by October 12. We will be ready to begin bidding on the items on Oct. 18th.  Thank you very much.

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