~Pie & Ice Cream Sundae Social~


I have one thing to say WoW ! I never imagined the outcome of the Pie and Ice Cream Sundae Social to be as amazing as it was. Thank you to all the pie makers, bakers and buyers. Thank you to the brownie makers. And to all who donated money to support our event.  Thank you to all of the helpers in the kitchen you made this such an enjoyable time. And thank you to the pie and ice cream eatters, all who did double duty on donating and coming out to support Grace Lutheran Church. Most importantly a big Thank You to WELCA for helping our youth expand their love for Jesus and grow in their faith with friends, new and old, these are times they will never forget.


A total of 38 pies were donated to serve, 6 pie were donated to our “Silent Auction” which we made $245.00 on, with the auction total we brought in $1,249.03 crazy. We have put in a request for matching funds through our Thrivent Advocates, if that goes thru the “Pie and Ice Cream Sundae Social” of 2013 will have brought in $2,498.06. Way to go Grace Lutheran Church thanks again to all.  ~ Leah Hughes


~What’s Happening at Grace this Week~

What’s Happening at Grace this Week

TUESDAY August 27               8:00 am –4:00 pm             Office Open 

                                                8:00 am                            Grace Walkers

                                                9:00 am                            Staff Meeting

                                               12:00 pm                            BYOB

                                                5:30 pm                           TOPS


WEDNESDAY  August 28         7:30 am                            Bible Study

8:00 am – 4:00 pm             Office Open

8:00 am                           Grace Walkers

2:00 pm                             Caregiver Support

4:30 pm                             Women’s Bible Group


THURSDAY August 29            8:00 am –4:00 pm             Office Open 

                                                8:00 am                            Grace Walkers

                                                9:00 am                            Quilters

                                                7:00 pm                           Gamblers Anonymous


FRIDAY August 30                  8:00 am – 12:00 pm             Office Open

8:00 am                             Grace Walkers


SUNDAY September 1             8:00 am                                 Sanctuary Worship

9:15 am                                  FLC Worship

MONDAY September 2           8:00 am – 4:00 pm                    Office Open

                                                8:00 am                                    Grace Walkers

                                                5:30 pm                                     Library Ministry

                                                7:00 pm                                     Narcotics Anonymous


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What are your thoughts on the Call Process….

Recommendations From Call Process Committee               August 19, 2013

The surveys showed that the top five tasks the church wanted the associate pastor to do were the following:

       Preaching and leading worship

       Pastoral care and visitation

       Youth and family ministry

       Children’s ministry

       Christian education 

The gifts for ministry the congregation thought the associate pastor should have were these:

            Be effective working with youth

            Be an effective communicator

            Be able to share leadership and work in a team

            Be effective working with children

            Help people develop their spiritual life

            Be skilled in planning and leading programs

            Be an effective teacher

            Build a sense of community among people with whom he/she works

            Have a strong commitment and loyalty to the Lutheran church

            Provide care and nurture

            Deal effectively with conflict

            Bring joy and humor to relationships

 The sessions on “who are we now?” revealed that the church wants to continue having a warm and welcoming atmosphere, utilizing and integrating the gifts of members.  The church wants to be Bible-based, with joyful and meaningful worship, working to involve children, youth, those in middle years and parents in ministry and discipleship, while caring for all ages.  The church also wants the pastors to work well together and if possible have a female as one to add that dimension to the overall atmosphere of the church.   

Given this information, the committee of four Council members (Nick Schroeder, Lynn Anderson, Sherri Haggenmiller, Tricia Otto), Pastor Doug and Family Life Ministry Director Jessica Thomson present these recommendations: 

First Choice—a full time associate pastor with strong interest and ability to minister to children and youth.  This person should know what youth and family ministry is and seek to support the strong program that has been developing at Grace.  While this may seem like a good place for a youth pastor, the other very strong concern is that the associate pastor needs to be able to preach, lead worship and provide pastoral care and visitation in all the possible circumstances that happen.  Therefore, a pastor with ability to minister to all situations is most important, with the strong love and care for children and youth and their families.


Concern—As much as the congregation wanted the associate pastor to be full time and many said they would step up giving to support that, the church was falling behind about $1,000 per month in 2013 in its budget.  So, can the church support a full time person?  It is also questioned whether we would have any interested in half or three-quarter time.

 Second Choice—We proceed with only one pastor but look for lay persons from within the congregation and outside to assist in various areas.  These persons would be contracted for duties, time and compensation.  This would mean looking for possible candidates to help with pastoral care, visitation, education (Confirmation, Release Time), worshipand children and youth activities such as retreats and mission trips.

 Concern—Finding a person or persons to work in these areas may be possible or it may be hard.  The difficulty might be in finding a person who would be able to do the pastoral care aspect in regard to deaths, funerals or other tragedies when Pastor Doug is absent.  Also, finding a person that would be trained and able to lead Bible studies, Confirmation and be involved with youth on mission trips or retreats may be more difficult.

The Church Council and this committee want to know your thoughts so they can proceed with the next steps one way or another.  


Maasai Girls School Update and Needs ….


Maasai Girls School Update and Needs

Maasai Girls School Update

Phase One of the Namnyaki Maasai Girls Secondary School is nearing completion with finishing touches now happening on two classrooms and the dormitory.  A separate dining hall is done and now serves as a temporary classroom for the 24 Maasai girls who are being given 6 months of extra English and Math classes to prepare them for success once the new Tanzanian school year begins in January.  At that time 16 tuition-paying non-Maasai Day Students will join the group. With 40 students, the Tanzanian government will recognize us as an “official” school.

A grant from the parent organization of East Central Electric has given funds to the non-profit, 50 Lanterns, to provide a solar lighting system for the new school.  Four members of this organization will accompany Deb Pangerl, Gwen Thomas from ECE, and a Hamline English professor looking to start a tutoring program for the Maasai with his students during their J-term.  They leave early in October.

The IMAGE Project continues to thank members of Grace Lutheran Church for their support in making dreams become reality.  The positive impact of the education of girls in developing nations has been shown to transcend generations, resulting in better health outcomes among women, their children, and eventually their grandchildren.

You are making in difference in the world!

Look for pictures in the narthex and on the Grace Website.


                                                   Maasai Needs

Cleaning out closets? The IMAGE  Project needs hooded sweatshirts for our Maasai girls, in sizes Girls XL, Women’s S,M, L, either with or without a zipper.

White crew socks, pencils and pens are also needed and being collected at church until the end of September.

Any questions? Contact Deb Schultz at 679-2659.

Thanks so much! A tote will be labeled for these items near the East Narthex door.