Are You Unworthy?

When is the last time you have thought you weren’t worthy?  Was it a gift someone gave you?  Was it an act of kindness?  Was it when someone forgave you easily when you knew they shouldn’t? Or is it when you turn the TV on and you see how much “stuff” you don’t have and wish you did?   Or is it just people around you in your life that made you feel like you aren’t worthy of anything, much less God?

We have probably all felt at one time or another like the Centurion in our Gospel reading this Sunday, “Lord I am not worthy.”  He felt he wasn’t worthy of Jesus even coming to his house!

Is that the way you feel when it comes to the love of Jesus Christ?  I believe we all have those moments when we don’t feel worthy of many things that God gives us like grace, love and forgiveness.

Yet all people are worthy, the Jewish leaders, the Centurion and the sick slave.  All people are worthy of the love of Christ and Lord and Savior of our lives.

When you come to Worship this week with all the excitement of graduations, parties, summer fun, Mission Trips, with our pleas for help and longing, we say along with the Centurion, “But only speak the word and let your servant be healed.”

We are worthy in the eyes of God because of His love for us!

Come join us! Come worship and be healed!

You are definitely worthy!

From One Servant Worthy to Another,christmas-mall-crowds1

Pastor Brenda

Our youth raise over $600 for hungry kids!

****update $930 was raised for World Vision’s hunger relief program. Way to go youth.

We had 8 youth participate in our 30 hour famine on May 10-11. We can be very proud of this group! When we had 20 signed up we set our goal at $30 each for a total of $600. With only 8 participating we exceeded our goal! Thank you to the youth and the adult leaders who helped make this weekend possible!



Greetings from Pastor Brenda~

I Can Be A Christian By Myself
I can be a Christian by myself.
Leave my dusty Bible on the shelf.
I’ll sing a hymn and pray a bit.
God can do the rest of it.
My heart’s the church, my head’s the steeple.
Shut the door and I’m the people.
I can be a Christian by myself.
Avery and Marsh

What do you think of this verse of an ironic song that has been written? How much do we think that we can do on our own without God?
Many people might chose to be out on their own in this life and might even believe they are succeeding. But in reality we are all in this together whether it be in our church, community or faith throughout the world. In our Gospel reading for Sunday Jesus is praying for His disciples, for believers of his, and for the future believers. That’s us. Jesus is praying for us.
When is the last time you prayed for someone? It feels good doesn’t it to go to God in prayer for someone in need or for someone you love. But when is the last time someone has prayed for you and how did that feel? Totally different didn’t it?
Just think, Jesus prayed for you. He cares for you. You are so close to His heart and mind, and so special to him that Jesus prays to God that Father for you.
You have a very intimate and close relationship with God in many ways.
How thankful to have God so close!
We don’t have to be in this world by ourselves, we are not alone!
Praise God!!
See you on Sunday!
Peace and Grace,
Pastor Brenda