We Are Still Celebrating!


The “Celebration” is not over!  Jesus Christ is born!  The shepherds heard it from the angels and from their ears and mouth to us many years later!  Life never was and will be the same!  But the celebration continues this week as we celebrate the “First Sunday of Christmas!” 

We will be singing the wonderful Christmas songs which never grow old!  Join us at 8:00 am or 9:15 as we celebrate and walk together in joyous celebration! 

                Peace, Pastor Brenda Wicklund

Feeling Lowly?

ADVENT WREATHThe rush is on it seems!  We are less than a week before everything must be done and it might be that you don’t have the energy to follow through.  It might feel no more than a huge heartache to even think about Christmas.  It sounds like there is too much heartache to bear when you watch the news or start thinking about what others are going through at this time.   Maybe it feels like you have never been this down and out.

Step right up, because you are in good company. Lowly is Elizabeth who could not bear a child deeming her a person that was a sinner whom God wouldn’t listen to her prayers.  And then there is Mary, 13-14 years old, for all we know an orphan, who is having a child and is unmarried.  The lowly or lowliest.  But God has found favor and has not forgotten His servants, and He will not forget any of His faithful.  Even if it feels like the world has gone out of control in your lives, God reveals His promises.

This week as we mark the countdown for Christmas we have the Fourth Sunday of Advent as we wait.  And in light of this week’s heartache in Connecticut and heartache in our lives we cannot wait another minute for Jesus Christ to come and dwell among us.  Come and join us and sing with Mary the “Magnificant” this last Sunday in Advent as we move forward to Christmas together.  The light is coming that will dispel all darkness.

You see, God looks on the lowly, and does not forget any of His people.  And that includes all of us!

O Come O Come Emmanuel!

And He Will!

Rejoice, Pastor Brenda

Shall We Go With the Flow?

christmas-mall-crowds1There is safety in a crowd.  We can go along with the flow.  We can watch and not be too involved.  Or we can give our support and encourage the crowd as one of them.

 So what happens when the crowds come out to John the Baptist in Chapter 3 of Luke?  John forces them to decide what they are going to do about his message.  It seems they are interested in him, but maybe tending to watch more than act.  So John asks them to answer why they are there.  “Who warned you to flee from the judgment?”   They probably didn’t know there was a judgment and perhaps didn’t know they were being wishy-washy.  John warned them that time is short, decide what to do.

 As we continue in the Advent season we have lots to do.  In all this we move towards a special day.  We will celebrate Jesus’ birth.  Or will we?  It is possible we will just celebrate gifts and food and family.  Nothing wrong with that, except we are called to decide who Jesus is.  And that can be forgotten in the midst of all the other things that take place.  So are we one of the crowd or are we ones searching for a Savior?

Pastor Doug

“Sanding off the rough edges.”

Pastor Doug

 That can refer to a woodworking project or sometimes it refers to a person’s personality or actions that need fixing.  In Luke 3:1-6,  John the Baptist, already living in the wilderness or fairly empty area, is filled with the Holy Spirit and begins to preach.  His message is one of getting ready, scrubbing off the things in our life that get in the way of doing God’s will.  Confess your sin and be baptized or washed as a sign of wanting to get back to walking with God.  Then you will be ready for forgiveness. 

 A wise professor at Seminary once said, “We shouldn’t rush in with forgiveness until repentance has done its work.”  It’s hard to confess our sin if we don’t have a sense of needing to repent—to go the other way from what we are doing.  So in this Advent season, as John comes to us, calling us to “sand or polish off the rough edges”, what do you see in your life that needs to be worked on?  How satisfied are you with the way or direction your life is going?  What needs to be fixed for life to be better?  Is John calling to us to be ready to celebrate Jesus’ salvation? 

Pastor Doug