“More Songs in the Air”

The Annual ‘Christmas Tea’ will be held on Tuesday, December 4th at 7:00 p.m. in the Family Life Center.  All women of Grace as well as women in our community are invited to share a cup of Christmas tea.  It will be an evening the share the history of hymns, readings and fellowship.  If you would like to host a table please contact Dar Wicklund at 679-4069.  You do not need to host a table to enjoy the evening of fun.  See you there!


 When is the last time that you took that sentence literally? Maybe you have had to tell someone to wake up, your children in the morning, or to a spouse that is dozing while you’re talking to them! You just know they are not paying attention and they should be listening! Jesus is telling his disciples that there are going to be signs in the sun, moon and stars describing what will happen when the Son of Man appears. Then he tells them a parable about the fig tree! Do you know all about the fig trees? I didn’t either so I looked it up! Turns out that it is a favorite food of the East and if the crop failed it would deem a national calamity. If you had a great crop it would deem peace and divine goodness in some realms. So looking at the fig tree would be of great importance. The figs are green and hide in the foliage until they are ripe. Hmm….When they sprout you know summer is near and Jesus said you will know when the “Kingdom of God” is near. Be careful, be alert, and be on the watch. What are you on the watch for? What are you missing because life and its worries are getting in the way? Do you have to really look to see what Jesus is talking about? This Sunday we begin Advent, a time to definitely stay alert for the Kingdom of God because there is something coming, Jesus Christ and trust me, you don’t want to miss it! Jesus Christ is going to arrive! See you on Sunday! Peace, Pastor Brenda

What Is Truth??

What is truth?

  What is life all about?  Who is in charge?  Who is the “King?”  Seems like these questions have been going on for centuries, yet we still ask!  Someone who appears to have much power, Pilate seems to have it all, is a bit concerned.  He is in charge; he is questioning Jesus and asks him if he is “King of the Jews.”  The authorities in the church want him dead. 

Pilate might be worried and rightfully so.  Maybe Jesus will make trouble for him, maybe he will lose control, maybe he really is a special man whom he does not want to crucify, and maybe this Jesus is the King.  “What is truth?”  Pilate asks Jesus. 

Pilate has a choice.  Jesus’ questions put Pilate on trail.  We know what his choice was.  Jesus Christ is “crucified under Pontus Pilate” as we recite in the Apostles Creed as millions of people have done.  He didn’t listen to the truth and it was standing right in front of him. 

We have many things in our life that pull us away from the truth of Jesus Christ.   What are those things that muddle the truth of life with him?  It might be easier as we count our blessings and see our family, sharing a meal with them or with others, to see the truth of all we have because of God our Father, and Jesus Christ, the King!

Join us for the “Community Thanksgiving Service” at St. Mary’s Catholic Church on Wednesday, November 21st and see you on Sunday as we “Worship the King!”

The “Truth” will be right in front of us!

Happy Thanksgiving!     

Blessings, Pastor Brenda

“The Good Old Days”

Looking back, we think of certain times as, “the good old days.”  What makes them good?  Is it because we lived through them?  Do they have a sense of stability that the present day doesn’t?  Stability—knowing that there are some things that we can count on or put our trust in.  Looking back, perhaps we see times that were stable as we exist in a present time that is, well, up for grabs. 

In the beginning of Mark 13, Jesus and some of his disciples were leaving the Temple in Jerusalem. One disciple remarks to Jesus how the stones making up the Temple and the huge Temple complex were obviously strong, stable and provided security.  This, he may have thought, provided safety in a changing world.  Was he any different than us?

With one quick sentence Jesus destroys all that hope.  A time will come when there will not be one stone upon another.  So what do we trust in?  Change is about the only constant we have in life!  Our world is changing and it is scary at times.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a something strong and stable to hold on to?  Maybe it is not a thing or a time or even an ideology that provides that stability, but a person who said that when his body was destroyed, it would rise again.