Message from Pastor Brenda

Have you ever wondered what other people thought about you?  Have you ever asked them this poignant question?  We might want to know how people see us or what they think of each of us.  I have wondered myself, yet do I really want an answer?

Jesus is asking his disciples “who do people say that I am?”  The disciples give him many responses:  A prophet, John the Baptist or Elijah.  Do you think Jesus chuckled and said “That’s not me!”

We might do the same if someone misunderstands our life, thoughts and ideals!

“But what about you.  Who do you say that I am?”   Peter replies, “You are the Christ.”  And so begins the story of Jesus Christ and who He is, ‘the Anointed one of God’.  He has come to earth to save each human being.

What if you were asked, like so many newcomers and guests do here at the church, the following question “Who do they say we are at Grace Lutheran Church?”

This last week we have been busy with exciting things going on, Rally Sunday and a picnic with 60 plus children involved with their parents, 23 kids ready to learn in Confirmation, 100 kids coming to eat lunch at Chat and Chow, quilting, prayer shawl ministry, Bible studies, Release time with some 70 kids registering, Worship, Baptisms and the list goes on and on………

I would say that people see the work of Jesus Christ alive and well at Grace Lutheran Church!

See you on Sunday!  You don’t want to miss anything!

Blessings and Peace,

Pastor Brenda Wicklund

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