Message From Pastor Brenda

When is the last time you were in a heated discussion with someone and it got a bit out of hand?  Or maybe when a discussion that keeps coming up and never gets resolved, when it is brought up for the last time you snap.  Well, you are in good company.  We listen in on a very upset person, Moses, and he is having a heated discussion with, none other than God.

Yes, God.  Moses has had it with the people he has been rescuing from Pharaoh, and he has had nothing but complaining and unhappiness from the Israelites, and he has had it.  God is angry and Moses asks why. “Why have you brought this trouble on your servant?” What have I done to displease you that you put the burden of these people on me?  Did I conceive them and give them birth?” Numbers 11:10-11. 

We can all relate.  Life has a whole bunch to throw our way, joys certainly, and sorrow and heartache as well!  So we begin our conversation with God.  We begin in our prayers to wail and rail and God is there to hear us.  Just as we told the children that are taking First Communion class, God continues to not only feed us but he loves us always, no matter what.  We come to the Communion table, we pray and sing, we confess our sins and join the whole church of believers, and we are fed.

Just look what our conversations with God lead us!

Blessings to you this week!

God’s Peace, Pastor Brenda

Crop Walk Invitation

The Annual Ecumenical CROP WALK is scheduled for Sunday, Oct. 7th – 3 PM at the Lion’s Park.  This event raises money to support initiatives through Church World Services, but also supports our local Food Pantry.  25% of the money that is raised stays here in Kanabec County.  The September Noisy Offering was a wonderful way for our Church Family to support this cause…..but……consider walking as well.  You can collect even more pledges and walk on a lovely Fall afternoon!  Contact Barb Orstad if you are interested!

Grace Online


Jim Wallis wrote a powerful book in which he called Christians to study the Bible to find out what God wants in terms of our politics.  He criticizes both major parties for missing what God is saying over the last many years.  We have some important issues before us this fall.  I am inviting all who would like to take part in a series of study and discussions based on Wallis’ book, “God’s Politics”, and the issues before us, to join me Tuesday, Sept. 25th  at 6:30 p.m.  The purpose will be to study some issues in light of perspectives Wallis brings to our attention.  The study will not be to debate or try to convince others, but to learn together and see where we go.  There is also a possibility to extend the series if we find we want to do that.      Pr. Doug.


The 3 sessions of Holy Communion classes will begin next Sunday, Sept. 23rd at 10:30 a.m and go til 11:45 a.m.  The next session will be Wednesday, Sept. 26th at 3:00 p.m. and then the last class will be Wednesday, Oct. 3rd.  First Communion Sunday will be celebrated on October 7th.  If you have decided that your child is ready to be a part of the Lord’s Table a registration form is located on the sidebar.


Treats are greatly needed for the kids that come for lunch at Chat & Chow.  You can just bring them in to the church kitchen on Thursday morning and they will be used.

 Fifth  Wheels on the Go – –

On Tuesday, Sept. 25th we will be going to Taylors Falls for the Scenic River Boat Ride.  We will leave from Grace at 12:00, picnic lunch when we get there and boat ride at 1:30.  We will take at least 2 ve3hicles, one will leave right after the ride is over, the other will stay and tour the Franconian Sculpture Gardens.  Contact Linda Johnson @679-5915 for more info.


WELCA begins September 24 at 4:30 p.m. at church.  WELCA is an important part of our family life at Grace.  We welcome new members and ideas.  If you are not sure what WELCA is, please give me a call and I will be more than happy to talk to you about it.  Eunice Weckwerth  679-1699.



Message from Pastor Doug

Ever feel like you haven’t been heard?  As kids we experience that.  As adults and parents we feel like that.  So what about Jesus, did he ever feel the disciples weren’t listening?  In the Gospel for this coming Sunday from Mark 9:30-37 Jesus has just told his disciples about his betrayal, death and resurrection.  They didn’t understand and were afraid to ask more about that. 

 Then, as if they totally weren’t listening, they began to argue about who was the most important!  Does it seem like the disciples didn’t have enough to do?  Or does it seem they thought they really needed to worry about the pecking order of importance?  What concerns you?  Do you have enough time to worry about places of importance?  Probably not.

 When we are involved in the “realness” of life, dealing and struggling with the real important issues, we probably won’t settle in to fight over who is more important than the other.  Which raises the question of what is of most importance in light of all the little things that sometime get in the way?

Bazaar Donations Requested

The Fall Harvest Bazaar Committee is seeking donated items to be sold on the Silent Auction at our Fall Bazaar on November 10.  Handmade items such as paintings, cross-stitch pictures, knitted items and wood crafted pieces are very welcome.  Antiques are also very popular.  We have also sold firewood that was cut, delivered and stacked.  Service items such as babysitting, yard-work, or food items (dinner or dessert-of-the-month) are also well received.  If you are willing to donate something for the Silent Auction, please contact Sheri Salmonson (679-4853) or Carol Allman(679-3380)by October 10.  Thank you very much.